Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Swap and Shop

The October 19 meeting of the KC PMC Chapter of the PMC Guild will be a
SWAP & SHOP Night.

It is also the deadline for ordering PMC3 clay for our November Charm Workshop.Click here to print out the order form.

Cheryl will be our Swap Organizer with a system of colored stickers to indicate relative value of items. You may want to swap 3 red items for 1 blue, etc.

Bring items to swap for other good stuff! Here's a sample list of items
  • Extra art supplies
    • metal clay (unopened, please)
    • inks, dyes, markers
    • chemicals - in original containers, marked and sealed
    • kiln supplies (blanks, mits, shelves, cones, tongs, etc.)
  • Duplicates of books, magazines, craft supplies
  • Tools
  • Carrying cases
  • Storage items
  • Containers of all shapes and sizes
  • Rubber stamps
  • Findings, beads, wire, etc
 You may also
  • bring and use cash 
  • bring finished items to swap or sell
  • just come and shop

 We will also have a brief demo and report on mini-firebrick copper clay firing boxes. These are easy to carve from soft firebrick - Hadar Jacobsen has recommended them for more consistent sintering of copper and bronze clay firing.

Don't forget to bring your Show and Tell - we love to see what you are doing.

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