Friday, January 14, 2011

Follow Us!

Want to be reminded about
  • KC PMC Guild Events
  • Blog posts
  • Information re local metal clay classes
Want to connect with or find others in the Kansas City metropolitan area that share your interest in precious metal clays (and related activities)?

Here's how:
Check out our website at - where we post
  • regular (mostly) updates about meeting topics, locations, what to bring to demos, etc.
  • driving directions to our meeting location 
  • pics of cools stuff people bring to meetings
  • links to local classes and PMC teachers
  • links to national PMC info
  • links to members' websites (IF they have given us the information...)
Read our semi-regular blog posts at . You can also click to
FOLLOW the blog (to receive an email notice when we post something new) or
SUBSCRIBE to posts (does the same thing, basically)
This eliminates the need to go check the blog unless there is new information there. We promise not to be pesky - we usually add posts before and after our monthly meetings, not every day.

On Facebook, look for PMC Guild International and like it. They post news and info about what's happening in the PMC world, such as this recent link to a cool PMC firing chart.

You can also help - if you are a shop selling PMC or jewelry supplies and /or offer classes in PMC (or other metal clays) we'd like to add you to our reference list. Please contact us. Note: you will need to edit the email address from "at" to "@" for the email to send.

We are NOT using our old Yahoo Groups to communicate and will be removing that link from our site.

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