Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Kansas City PMC guild - Cuttlebone Textures

The August meeting is Tuesday, August 20 at Harder Driving School - 7 p.m.

We will be playing with cuttlebones! (Birdlovers will have seen these in your parakeet cages...)
They have jewelry applications as well as being great sources of minerals for pets.

They also have great, organic textures and are soft enough to carve and use for metal casting.

 (Plaster of paris is probably easier to work with, however.)
There is a very good tutorial for carving cuttlebone for casting here, at Art Jewelry Magazine.

And, they can be used to polish in a natural sandpaper of sorts.

We will be working with the texture aspect - making silicone molds for use with metal clays. Bracelet with cuttlebone texture.

SO, members, bring your tool kits - especially you will need . . .
  • a work surface
  • a roller
  • oil for release if using metal clay
  • clay (optional - we'll be providing silicone molding putty to make texture molds)
  • small tiles to flatten and/or hold molds
Extra cuttlebones will be available for purchase - we bought a big box!

Not a member? Get onto our email list and receive our monthly meeting Evites by contacting Lynette Fisk. Send me an email with your name and email and I'll make sure you are added. * Remove the spaces in my email address before trying to send.

Note: non-members can come to 2 meetings without joining, but must pay for materials we provide for that night's demo. Membership dues help us provide materials for our hands-on activities.

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