Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 2014 KCPMC Guild Meeting

The February meeting we'll play with UV (Ultra Violet) resin - which sets quickly using sunlight or UV light (like those used in nail salons!)

Meeting date is Tuesday, February 18 at 7pm at
Harder Performance Driving School
10362 Mastin St
Overland Park, KS 66212 
Ruth Schroeder will be leading the evening and she's bringing resin and a pre-made 25x30x1mm bezel for each of us. If you would like to bring your own bezel (handmade, pre-made, bottle cap or wire) you may.

Other items to bring are:
  • paper or fabric background image (please pre-seal with PVA glue or other sealant to prevent color bleed)
  • inclusions
  • charms or embellishments
  • scissors 
Ruth will also cover using other types of resins and will bring some to show. Most 2-part resins require 12-24 hours to set so don't work quickly enough to use at our meeting.

Online tutorial here.

For more information or to add your name to our email list, please contact Lynette Fisk at bylynette @gmail(dot) com. 

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