Saturday, April 5, 2014

March 2014 - Fold Forming Metal

Our March meeting will be lead by Cecilia Rosales and we'll be fold-forming 24gauge copper

Everyone will get a couple small pieces of 24ga copper. Foil is too thin, heavier gauges are difficult to work with.

We will need to have:
Annealing stations (at least one or two)
fire brick
surface protection
quenching bowl or bucket

ear plugs
safety glasses
anvil or tree stump
bench block
hammer (raising or forging hammers if you have them)
leather mallet
anvils and stakes
large vise
pliers, both chain nose, flat and wide jawed

prying tools (like a bench knife, butter knife)

We are planning to set up a hammering board (using a couple wooden stools, a large heavy board and come C-clamps.) If you have a sturdy stool that stands 29", please contact Lynette.

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