Monday, May 24, 2010

Faux Bone - June 2010 Meeting Demo

Get ready for a hands-on night of learning about Faux Bone, developed by artist Robert Dancik. We'll be learning to saw, drill, file, shape and manipulate this new product. Demo will be led by Lynette Fisk, who has been experimenting already. Those who attended our April or May meetings may have seen these samples.

 Learn more about her experiments on her blog. Those who ordered in advance will have plenty to play with. We ordered extra, so if you missed the order, we WILL HAVE pieces available for you to purchase to make a ring at the meeting. There will be some extra scrap pieces to experiment with. Rivets and long tiny nuts and bolts will also be on hand.

Tools to bring: jeweler's saw, files, rotary drill, scribe, riveting hammer, bench block or hammering surface,
Materials: metal or glass beads, washers, coins, spacers, charms, wire (various gauges).

Additional things you could use: curling iron, toaster oven (we will bring), linoleum block carving tools, alcohol inks, shoe polish, UV resin (we will bring UV light), metal scraps or tubing, found objects

Sample shown here illustrates some of the techniques you will experiment with in June.

More Faux Bone images at Judith Freyer Thompson's site and on Flickr's Faux Bone group.

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