Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Upcoming KC PMC Guild Meeting topics

Summer at KC PMC Guild is fun! We had a blast last night, sanding, carving and experimenting with Robert Dancik's Faux Bone. Photos to be posted soon!

Coming up:

July: Make your own texture plates for use with PMC

Janie and Jennifer will help you make plates 2 ways:
  • carving in eraser rubber (using carving tools)
  • using photo polymer plates (uses UV light and light-sensitive materials)
Janie will share what she's learning in Chicago about using paste PMC painted onto leaves or organic matter

Leanne and Robin will bring a plasma cutter! You'll have a chance to use the cutter to make shapes and rivet them together using a variety of riveting tools and techinques. Here's what they have told us about the evening:

For plasma cutting you need to wear long pants (preferably nothing polyester), closed toed shoes and socks. If you have long hair, it needs to be pulled back...LeAnne and Robin will bring leather gauntlets, protective aprons and eye gear.  We need to do it outside, close to a three prong electrical outlet...I have an extension cord.  It will take a while for everyone to try it.  Riveting can be done inside.  Bring an old tin (decorative tin boxes or tin cans) to cut up. Also bring riveting hammer, bench block, etc. for riveting.

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