Thursday, July 8, 2010

July Meeting Projects and Demos

Tuesday, July 20 - 7:00 p.m.
Carving Textures - Janie Clark and Jen Finley
How to make your own texture plates and designs for using with your PMC and Art Clay silver and copper and bronze. Learn to  use carving tools on eraser or soft carving medium to create your own custom texture plates. Photo-polymer plates are another way to make complex plates. PPP plates and supplies available online. 
Prep PPP your art:
1. Original line drawing or copyright free design, copied onto transparency film at Kinko's. Staples, Office Max, etc.  Make sure to have your copies made on the very dark setting.  The lines need to be really black so you can't see any light through them.   Plan to use a 2 X 2" image for your plate.

You can also draw directly onto transparency film with a black opaque marker or paint pen, or use black stick on decals on transparency film.  If you do this with letter stickers, they will be backwards.  Auto striping tape works well, too.

If you are advanced and want to try to use a non-line art image, make sure that it is done in half tones.  No guarantees on how well this will work.

If you use any writing or other images that are directional, they need to be made as a mirror image

We will have some extra line art in case you don't bring your own, and some 2X2" PPPs plates available for purchase for around $3 each.

2. A UV light like is used on artificial nails if you have one. We'll have one or two at the meeting.
3. A medium stiff fingernail brush.  Dollar Tree has these for $1
4. A cheap plastic bowl or tub to scrub your plate in.

Carving Blocks

  1. Speedball Speedy-cut carving block, or similar- available at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores or at Whole Lotta Whimsey
  2.  (or) erasers, soap, wax blocks
  3.  linoleum carving tools
  4. tracing paper
  5. soft lead pencil

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