Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 2011 KC PMC Guild Meeting

Our schedule says "Making PMC End Caps" to be led by Deb Weld. But her travel plans have changed (blame the weather for this, too.....she's staying in Palm Dessert until KC warms up!!) So...we will rearrange and adjust!

Elements of Design - Form, Color, Composition in Art
Color. Balance. Contrast. Texture. Shape. How do you think about these all these things and stay creative?

How to start a new design..... Do you start with a sketch? or plan your design? or just wing it?
How do you think about form - do you start with a shape? with a stone or cab? with the purpose of the piece - is it a toggle or hinge?  Carol Harder (with a MFA in metalsmithing and over 30 years of high school art class teaching experience) will get us started using good design techniques.

Come to the February meeting and get some basic design help, learn to use design elements to boost your creativity, not to overwhelm it.

Do you keep a design journal or sketchbook to write down and remember your ideas? Please bring it to the meeting!! Is it decorated with PMC or beads or a hand-made clasp? something to think about!

Things to bring:
Pencil, Pen, Colored markers, etc
Paper or sketchbook (moleskin, sketchpad, or blank book - whatever you like)
Your current idea/sketch book

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