Thursday, February 10, 2011

KCPMC Guild Dues

At the January meeting if the KC PMC Chapter of the PMC Guild, we decided to make a change in our chapter dues. Previously, we asked members for $10/year - the very BEST deal in town!! However keeping track of who paid/when they paid and reminding a different bunch each month of their renewal date was cumbersome.

So, we have altered our dues thusly:
Annual dues are $24 (basically $2/month)  (Still a great deal and comparable with other art guilds.)
Everyone's dues are renewable and payable in January.
New members joining mid-year will pay a pro-rated amount, renewing at full rate the next January

Here's why:

Keeping track of who paid and when will be easier. We want to be able to provide materials for our hands-on meetings and PMC is expensive! So we'll have more of a budget to use during the year for things like:
  • Small courtesy honorarium to engage non-member outside speakers*
  • Supplies for meetings
  • Budget to purchase PMC and supplies -we have PMC3 on hand for purchase at market price.
  • Reimbursements for supplies needed for our hands-on meeting topics
  • Chapter expenses (we don't have many)  
*NOTE: We do not "pay" guild members for presenting or demonstrating at meetings. This is voluntary.

We are looking into dues payment online with a Paypal account. Online payment will likely have a $1 processing fee attached.

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