Monday, March 7, 2011

March 2011 - Plasma Cutters!

Get ready for some fun - at the March meeting Robin and LeAnne are bringing the plasma cutter! What's that??? Actually, so far I've not seen one, but plasma is a physics term referring to a physical state of mater. (solid, liquid, gas or plasma). Somehow, in a plasma cutter an inert gas is turned into plasma, and can be used to quickly and cleanly cut metal. and we're going to do it.

We'll also have some riveting tools available to try - from a demo done a couple years ago by Robin - you can cut pieces and rivet them together.

Bring something to cut (old cookie or cracker tins, metal kitchenware, etc.) and shape ideas (ovals, teardrops, circles, flowers, etc). The plasma cutter must be used outside, so we will have a cutting station outside and a riveting station inside. 

Be sure to wear cotton - long  pants, close-toed shoes, and no flying scarves etc. Safety first!

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