Friday, August 12, 2011

August KCPMC Guild Meeting - Keumboo!

Gesundheit! wait. Keumboo is a metalworking technique, not a body explosion.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - Keumboo How To is the topic of Kansas City's PMC Guild meeting. Member Jen Finley will demo and teach you how to apply precious bits of real gold leaf to fired PMC.

You may watch the demo or actively participate with your own work. To play along, you will need to bring
  • A fired, but unhandled, untumbled, unburnished, unpatina-ed, unmessed with piece of silver metal clay. A fairly flat piece will be the easiest to work on for a first piece. Pieces with low relief will turn out the nicest. (Copper and bronze won't work.)
  • A tiny pair of scissors like embroidery scissors (optional if you want to cut out a specific shape).
  • Tiny decorative paper punches.  I will bring some that everybody can use.
  • An agate burnisher if you have one. I will bring extras.
  • That's it unless we want to have people who are afraid to torch fire bring a small already dried piece that we can torch at the meeting.  The keum boo process is fast and easy, so people can bring as many pieces as they want to do.  I'll bring a hot plate, burnishers, punches, and gloves.
  • Money (Jen has a $75 piece of gold leaf (about 3" square) which she's willing to share - cost will depend on how many people will divide the piece)
Info about the KC PMC Guild and directions to our meetings is on our website at 

To view some sample from member artist Gale Schlagel click here to go to her website.

 The Metal Clay Today website here has an intevriew with Gale and several more photos of her pieces using keumboo. As you can see from these sample pictures found with a Google search for keumboo, the gold application can be random or very specific.

There is a great online demo from Jewelry Artist Magazine that shows keumboo used with making hollow lentil beads...

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