Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Charm Exchange Deadline

OK. At last week’s meeting we have decided to begin our Charm Exchange Workshop at our October meeting (Tuesday, October 18). We will then have the November meeting to receive our fired pieces and apply patinas, keumboo or other finishes you desire so that we won’t need people to drive all over the city retrieving charms in early December.

Each person signed up for the exchange will need to make 20 charms (This number could still change.) One for each participant, and one extra for a bracelet which will be donated to a charity auction from us. If you have NOT yet sign up to participate, you have 48 hours to contact us to be added before we order clay on Monday, 9/26.

This moves the sign-up deadline up a week so we can order clay. Members have all been sent emails with these details.

For those who are new to our exchange: At the next two meetings, we will all bring our PMC tools, extra texture plates, stamps, cutters, etc. and make charms together. This is a great chance for those less experienced with PMC to work along-side members who know what they are doing. We share cutters, stamps, etc. and we encourage everyone to make 20 generous charms, not just cut out as many tiny pieces as possible. Once fired, charms may be embellished with other materials, beads, wire, etc. and brushed, polished or patinaed as desired. In December, each participant will receive one charm from each other person to use as desired.

Questions??? Call or email Lynette.

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