Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Charm Exchange Workshop

Ready to make charms for our annual exchange?? The October meeting is next week, Tuesday, October 18 beginning at 7 pm.  Dinner at 5pm (for those who are interested) will be at Fans Tea and Dumplings (the little Asian place across the parking lot from Harder Driving School at Mastin and 103rd).

We have 21 members committed to making charms. It’s too late to add more names, sorry. Members have received an email with the list. See below for a “what to bring” list. 

Everyone will be getting a 16g pkg of PMC3 silver clay and will need to make 22 charms. (Last year we made this many from only a 9g pkg, so it should be much easier this time!) We encourage everyone to use your entire 16g pkg to make 22 similar charms so each person will be exchanging for a comparable set of charms. Use your own style and personality.

We have several new members participating who have limited (or no) experience with metal clay so this will be a great teaching experience for our group. I’m hoping those who know what you are doing will be helpful to these people. If you are not participating this year, you are still welcome to come and play or watch and learn.

You will also sign up with a volunteer who has a kiln to fire your pieces. If you finish them on Tuesday, they can take them, but it is likely you won’t have all your charms completed by the end of the evening. It will be each persons’ responsibility to get your charms to the assigned person and to pick them up when fired. Then at the November meeting we can continue adding finishes, patinas, keumboo or embellishments to complete your charms. We will exchange them at the December meeting.

What to bring:
1.       Money or check (cost for your subsidized clay will be about $15 and there are several extra 9g pkgs available at market price).
2.       Small flat box labeled with your name, email and phone with tissue to hold your unfired charms
3.       PMC working tools – note: be sure they are very clean if you have used them for polymer or other clay!
o   Silicone work mat, clear hard plastic report cover or tile work surface
o   Acrylic roller
o   Old playing cards
o   Cutters (cookie or Kemper cutters, straws,
o   Carving and smoothing tools (dental tools, sculpting tools, etc)
o   Texture plates, rubber stamps
o   Craft knife
o   Needle tool, needle files
o   Tissue blade
o   Spray bottle or mister
o   Air tight container and plastic wrap to keep clay moist.
o   Hand balm or olive oil
o   Brass brush
o cup warmer or foam block to dry pieces on

2-part silicone molding compound is available for members’ use so if you have a custom shape you have carved or found, bring it, make a mold and use it for your charms.

New to this? Check out these links online:
                Art Jewelry Mag Metal Clay Tool Kit pdf – great visual that shows all the tools you may need!
                Questions??? Email me!

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