Friday, September 14, 2012

September Meeting - Etching and Name Tag Challenge

The KC PMC Guild September meeting will be on Tuesday, September 18 at Harder Performance Driving School beginning at 7 pm.

Our Name Tag Challenge is due - so bring your name tag. It can be made in any medium and must be wearable, showing your first name.

Etching Copper or Brass
Member Pat Kuehn will show us how to etch designs directly onto copper or brass, using a chemical etchant. Guild members who want to participate will be given a portion of etching solution which you may also take home (it's useful for several pieces). However you must bring an appropriate container.

  An inexpensive plastic food contain (such as the Gladware shown) works well. The container should be large enough for your piece to fit flat inside. See complete list below.

     Supplies List for Etching
  1. Rubber Gloves (stains hands for days)
  2. Apron and safety glasses
  3. Plastic Container with plastic lid  as shown in picture (these are  made by glad – size depends on piece to be etched) (Can also use glass jar but must have a plastic lid)
  4. 18 – 20 gauge prepared copper or brass to be etched (piece must be free of body oil- clean w/dish soap & fine steel wool Thicker metal allows for deeper etching)
  5. Rag or paper towels
  6. Design or Rubber Stamp to etch on piece
  7. Resist – such as finger nail polish, Sharpie Permanent markers, StazOn Ink Pad
  8. Packing Tape or masking tape

Show and Tell
Several members recently attended some metal clay classes from nationally-recognized artists/teachers including Wanaree Tanner and Hadar Jacobsen. If you have taken a class recently, please bring some show and tell and report to us about the class.

As usual, also bring your own work for show and tell.

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