Friday, October 12, 2012

October 2012 Meeting

Tuesday, October 16 is our October KC PMC Guild meeting date. The 3rd Tuesday is earlier in the month than usual so it's sneaking upon us quickly. In fact, we are swapping topics with November to accommodate a calendar confusion!!

SO, our October meeting demo will be a "Sue and Jen By the Seat of Our Pants Production" as Susan Silvy and Jennifer Finley share with us some of their recent explorations of INLAY techniques. I recently saw some of the stone cabs that Jennifer is grinding on her new lapidary equipment and it does look like fun! (In November, we'll get back to the Hadar Jacobson Powdered Metal Clay, with samples for members to play with!)

Here's a bit of explanation of the demo from Susan:

"We will be modifying stone beads and cabs using an epoxy inlay technique. Grooves are ground into a pre-existing cab or bead and that groove is filled with powered gemstone. This technique allows the designer to create their own one-of-a-kind stones/beads for their jewelry designs.

Have everyone bring a dust mask and eye protection.  If they think they want to grind a little then they should also bring a work apron to keep the mucky spray off their clothes."

Yes, it will be mostly demo.  There will be pieces prepared so people can play a little with the flat lap.

 We will have at least two, maybe three grinders for people to play with.  

If you want to try the grinder, know it's a messy process to bring a work apron to protect your clothes. 

We also want to talk about:
  • Ideas for 2013 demo schedule
  • Officers/election for 2013
  • Christmas party options
 Don't forget to wear your new nametag. If you won the raffle in September, be sure to bring something cool for the October drawing.

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