Saturday, March 23, 2013

Members' Favorite Tools Sharing

In case you missed last week’s meeting where we distributed the 2013 schedule (subject to adjustments), click HERE to see it.

We shared our favorite tools (list below of those I remember..) and you should be sure you have your PMC-working tool kit ready to bring to meetings this year!

Favorite Tools - many are common, household items or easily found at a "Dollar Store" or garage sale.

My hands - the best tools we all have
My eyes
Clay shapers - Gale Schlagel ( available online or Creative Coldsnow, etc. )

Tree stump – Carol Harder The stump provides a solid base for hammering. (needs flat bottom to be sturdy)
or holding forming stakes or carving out spaces for shaping metal.
Work surfaces (meat cutting mat, 2 for $1 from the Dollar Store)
Clay thickness rolling frames

Rolling slats to control clay thickness (tape playing cards together 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 cards thick. use card numbers to show thicknesses)
Sanding sticks (3M makes great ones for metal clay but cheap nail filing blocks and sticks work great, too)

Needle tool
Ball Stylus

Exacto blades and Tissue blades

Cup warmer from a garage sale
Foam pad from packing material (for drying)

Metal dog dish from the Dollar Store (for firing pan)
Fire brick firing box, carved from a block of soft firebrick
Silhouette Cameo Cutter (Template or Paper Clay Cutting)

Scratch foam texture plates (or recycle your foam food packaging trays!)

Dental tools (ask your dentist to save his old tools for you)

Templates (or cut your own from tagboard)

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