Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PMC Tool Kits and Favorite Tools Show and Tell

The March 19 meeting of KC PMC Guild takes place Tuesday at Harder Driving School.

Our Tuesday topic will be
 Favorite Tool Sharing
 Everyone should bring your favorite metal clay working tool. It can be a commercial tool or a repurposed item that you discovered works really well. Be prepared to
  • explain why you like it
  • what it does
  • where to find or buy it
  • demonstrate what it does or why it's cool
  • bring some to share if you have lots of freebies
  • bring name of website or store where it's available
We will  provide the 2013 Demo Schedule and discuss plans for the year. We hope to do MORE hands-on metal clay projects and will want everyone to be able to bring a tool kit to meetings. Especially those who are new to metal clay, this will be chance to start your clay-working kit.

PMC Kit Preparation
There are lots of commercial kits available, but you don't need to spend a lot to have tools to work with metal clay. Wait till you see our easy-list.

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