Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kumihimo Braiding Class

Kumihimo braiding - the demo for our July 18, 2012 meeting.

A team of experts from our membership will teach us how to do this versatile Japenese braiding technique. (Team members are Michele Wineland, Cecilia Rosales, Pat Kuehn and Janice LeMasters.)

Tools: Kumihimo braiding disk (if you have one, bring it!) KCPMC Guild will provide one for each member. Non-members may purchase one at the meeting. ($5 for 6" disk, $4 for 4" disk)
  • 12 yards (or more) of your chosen string, ribbon, floss, rattail, cord or other non-stretching fiber
  • Beads (optional) - and they need to be pre-strung on your thread. If you are new to this technique, like me, you might want to learn the braiding without beads first.
  • 8 spools to hold thread (cardboard or plastic floss bobbins, foam hair curlers, old spools, etc)
    • we'll have cardboard floss bobbins on hand for everyone
  • weight (metal washers,  large beads, small baggie with a couple coins inside, or ?)

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